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    1. 閥控密封鉛酸蓄電池

      發布者:HOPPECKE 荷貝克   時間:2022-08-24



      The standby power in all kinds of telecommunication signal system , such as: Telecom, Mobile, Unicom, railway and ship, etc.


      The standby power in electric power system and nuclear power station;  photo voltaic system.


       UPS,Emergency lighting

      產品特點   Products characteristics


      Plate: We adopt some specific technology in casting plates such as rectangle gridding structure, sulphuric lead forming and alloy material producing, which enhances the volume ratio energy and weight ratio energy.


      Low Sb-Ag alloy is used in spines casting, which overcomes the defects of no-Sb effect and bad anti-squirm performance, thus, the battery has long life no matter in floating charge use or in cycle charge use and will not effect by the difference of electric supply of different districts.


      Separator: The absorbed super fine fiber glass is used. The inner resistant is low and the discharge performance at high rate is good.

      4、活性物質:正、負極鉛膏中加入特殊添加劑,通過合理分配有機和無 機添加劑比例,減少電池在電化學反應過程中的有機物分解,改變活性物質微觀結構,活性物質利用率高、充電接受能力強。

      Active material: Special additive is added into the lead cream of positive and negative plates and the decompounding of organic material of batteries in electrochemistry reaction is reduced through reasonable distributing the ratio of organic and inorganic additive, which change the micro-structure of active material, thus, the usage rate of active material is high and the charge acceptance is good.


      High purity electrolyte: Due to the addition of high purity electrolyte and special additive, the usage rate of active material enhances and the self-discharge rate reduces.


      Special post sealing structure: The special combined labyrinth post sealing structure and welding technics are used to ensure the sealing safe and reliable.


      Safety valve: The body of valve is fire retardant ABS material; the core of valve is post structure and the acid filter is double, so the valve has the function of controlling the pressure of opening and closing valve correctly, fire retardant and acid filtrating.


      Combined plates structure: The technics of U-type double layers vertical packing and tight equipping are used to prevent the effect to separator stretch by plates’ stress. The attachment and absorbability of separator is good. The plate will not cause pollution.


      Post: The core with large diameter is used and cast the post with the connector tightly as a unit. The surface of passing current is large and the inner resistant is low.


      Short circuit protection: The plastic cover is added to positive and negative plates to prevent the battery from short circuit and the distortion of plates when the battery is lied down.


      Container: Making of fire retardant ABS material and sealed with patent heat sealing technics, the container is beautiful, hard and safe.


      Solidification with high temperature extends the life of spines.


      The inert gases is used when welding and special glue is used  in second sealing, which can prevent the battery from leaking.

      14、單體結構系列化:GFM系列電池為獨特設計的單體結構,最 大單體容量達3000Ah,用戶有更大的選擇余地。

      Single cell with various series: GFM series battery is designed in specific single cell structure. The largest capacity is 3000Ah. Users can select in a wide range.


      System structure: GFM VRLA battery can be installed in cabinets, on racks or just on floor. There is space left between batteries for heat dispelling, which can prevent the battery from heat out of control efficiently.


      Main technical index


      Design life:

      浮充壽命   6年    (25℃正常使用充足電的條件下)

      Floating life:    6 years (at normal usage and full charged, 25℃)

      深循環壽命 1200次   (25℃放電深度80%,且及時補充足電條件下)

      Deep cycle life:   1200 times (80% deep discharge and charge fully in time, 25℃)


      Charge acceptance:


      After discharge at 100% depth, charge for 10 hours at constant voltage of 2.35V/cell and limited current of 0.15C10(A), then, the power charged is more than 98% of power discharged.

      4  密封反應效率    ≥99%

        Sealing reaction efficiency   ≥99%

      5  容量保存率   靜置90天后剩余容量≥90%

      Capacity remain       The capacity will remain more than 90% after storage for 90 days.


      Rated capacity

      10h率容量  0.1C10A放電至終壓1.80V/單體       ≥C10

      Capacity at 10h:  Discharge at 0.1C10A until the terminal voltage is 1.80V/cell       ≥C10

      3h率容量    0.25C10A放電至終壓1.80V/單體       ≥0.75 C10

      Capacity at 3h:  Discharge at 0.25C10A until the terminal voltage is 1.80V/cell      ≥0.75C10

      1h率容量    0.55C10A放電至終壓1.75V/單體       ≥0.55 C10

      Capacity at 1h:  Discharge at 0.55C10A until the terminal voltage is 1.75V/cell      ≥0.55C10


      Capacity recovery (short circuit)


      Discharge at 0.1C10A until the voltage is 0V, then have the battery been short circuit for 24 hours. Charge for 10 hours at constant voltage of 2.35V/cell and limited current of 0.15C10(A), then Charge for 24 hours at constant voltage of 2.25V/cell and limited current of 0.1C10(A). Test the capacity of C10. After 5 times of such process, the remaining capacity will not less than 90% of the initial capacity.


      The product can meet the requirement of YD/T799-2002 standard of Chinese Information Industry Department, Japanese JISC8704-2:1999 standard IEC60896-2,2000standard.


      Main equipments for producing, testing, physical and chemical processing and environment protecting


      Casting machine: The casting machine is imported from American WIRTZ company and is the most advanced equipment in battery producing in the world.


      Mixer: The ‘oxmaster’ mixer is produced by American WIRTZ. The wind cooling and water cooling system and the humidity prober which can keep the parameter of the lead paste in the whole year consistent are first used in our country.


      Pasting machine: The utmost new machine is produced by American MAC and can meet the requirement of pasting large capacity and long plates.


      Combination line: This equipment is produced by German HADI and includes the following procedures: plate disparting, lug grinding, plates packing, combining, welding, heat sealing, automatic code striking, terminal argon arc welding and post sealing.


      Formation equipment: The computers are used to manage the formation, for example: use the computer to determine the formation system, monitor the procedure, record the rata and analyse the result, which guarantee the quality of formation and enhance the consistence of batteries.


      Environment protection equipment: It consists smoke removing system, moisture dust removing system, acid smoke removing system and waste water treatment equipment, which consists second class purify equipment and fourth class purify container.

      理化及產品性能實驗室:試驗設施齊全先進,實現從原輔材料到成品的生產全過程質量控制。其中產品性能檢測設備實行計算機管理, 對產品檢測的程序、數據進行計算機記錄及計算機分析。  

       Physical and chemical lab and product performance lab: The equipments in the lab are complete and advanced and the whole procedure from material to product is monitored. The computer is used to manager the product performance inspection equipment, record and analyse the product inspection procedure and rata.



      The standby power in all kinds of signal system, such as: Telecom, Mobile, Unicom, railway and watercraft, etc.


      The standby power in electric power system and nuclear power station; energy storage for solar power and windmill generating system.


      UPS, Emergency lighting;

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